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Broadband Aggregator BA-4100

Combine multiple ISP connections into one pipe.

The BA-4100 Broadband Aggregator increases your Internet bandwidth and lowers your cost by combining multiple ISP connections into one. Your usable bandwidth is the combined total of the separate WAN connections, both upstream and downstream.

The BA-4100 supports up to 620 Mbps across 3 WAN connections with proportional load balancing. The 4100 has automatic failover in the event a WAN connection goes down. In addition, it has a 4G USB connection for further back up.

The 4100 has policy based routing and Quality of Service to support data, video, and voice across multiple connections. It allows you to bind IP addresses to specific WAN ports to support VPN connections. In addition, File Sharing Control can be enabled to set default QoS rules to limit file sharing on the network.


Broadband Aggregator BA-4100