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Customer Success Stories

March 4, 2016-The Denlea Company uses NC-3610 to reduce support calls to zero!

December 14, 2014-Why Kharma Consulting loves the new NC-3610 gateway controller!

August 2013-Nickelodeon Suites Resort uses NC-3600 to control 600+ on-line guests!

September 2012-Intrepid Air and Space Museum Wi-Fi System

August 2012- Soledad, CA School District Wi-Fi system

July 2012-Last Mile Research uses NC-3560 and BA-4000 at award-winning hotel

June 2012-Schools in California using Hammertech and ValuePoint Networks

October 2011- Cocent uses NC-3560 gateway to stop file sharers at hotels

June 20,2010-#1 Rated Hotel Properties using ValuePoint Networks and United Solution.

March 29,2010- Quality Inn replaces 48 consumer APs with only 4 SuperAP 580G, and improves signal in all rooms.

March 26,2010-Cottonwood Campground replaces Linksys 802.11n router with SuperAP 550g, improves range.

August 14,2009-NC-3500 and SuperAPs light up Writer Square in Denver, Colorado

June 30,2009-ValuePoint gear at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort

March 4,2009-NC-3500 Gateway Controller meets Hotel Brand Standards

February 25,2009-NetTek uses SuperMesh for Hotel Wi-Fi

May 1,2008-NC-3500 Gateway Controller in Libraries

April 1,2008-WC-3000 Gateway Controller in Bagel Shops

March 20,2008- SuperAP™ used on Oil Rigs for Data Collection

August 27,2007-ValuePoint Wi-Fi gear supports video surveillance on buses throughout the U.S.

May 29,2007- ValuePoint supplying high power Wi-Fi to city of Bentonville, Arkansas

April 10,2007-SpeediWiFi meshing Northern Nevada

July 31,2006-WifiFee using ValuePoint gear for VOIP service.

April 7,2006-hotZona lights up Arizona State Capitol Grounds

December 29,2005- SiriCOMM selects ValuePoint for Wi-Fi Hotspots

August 1,2005- ValuePoint equips MetroFi for Wholesale Broadband Access

July 1,2005-ValuePoint lights up Telluride Bluegrass Festival

March 31,2005-Solar powered SuperAPs in the South Pacific

October 8,2004-ValuePoint and Thinwires light up Hotels and Apartments

August 6,2004-SuperAPs go farther outdoors at RV Parks

March 4,2004- WISPs go farther with ValuePoint Networks

August 15,2003-ValuePoint lights up Pacifica Host Hotels