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About us

About us

ValuePoint (VP) Networks supports hundreds of service and solution providers world-wide by providing a complete line of gateways, broadband aggregators, rugged, powerful, and highly reliable wireless products designed with the solution provider in mind. Simply put, VP Networks products do the job the others cannot, and for a price the others cannot match.

VP Networks products are used in a wide variety of markets including hospitality, industrial, MTU/MDU, SME, government, education, and small healthcare.

Leading the way are our Advanced Gateway Controllers, leading the industry in price/performance, and customer satisfaction. VP Networks' products are deployed today in thousands of venues around the world.

Guest networks at Hotels, marinas, shopping malls, RV parks, MTUs, MDUs, and virtually every imaginable location are operated using VP Networks' renowned Gateway Controller and SuperAP products.

VP Networks products are especially designed to support mobile device access in guest networks, so you can focus on running your business. Our products also reduce your upfront capital investment and increase your return on investment.