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Super APTM 670acn IA2

Rugged outdoor ac/n AP/Bridge with built in directional 2.4G and 5G directional antennas.

The SuperAP 670acn IA2 dual band, dual radio, provides 37 dbm of Wi-Fi transmit power in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrums. Unique SuperTrans wireless technology, the technology combines industry-leading core technology, including MIMO-OFDM, TDMA, Beamforming, Band Steering, AutoACK, etc., to ensure high 1167 Mbps throughput and reliable wireless signal coverage in various application scenarios.

Its high receive sensitivity up to -93 dBm enables long point-to-point and client to AP applications, and picks up the weaker signals of phones and tablets even through multiple walls in the typical hotel and MDU/MTU environments. Built-in 2.4G and 5G MIMO flat panel 10 dbm antennas.

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Super APTM 670acn IA2