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High power AP / Bridges

Our high power 802.11ac/n 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz dual radio AP/Bridges provide excellent coverage and penetration through walls and into buildings, and handle high density applications for a wide plethora of devices. The high transmit power of 27 dbm and high receive sensitivity of our products is key in distributing a strong reliable signal and more importantly receiving signal from lower RF power devices like tablets, smartphones, and other small Wi-Fi devices. Our latest models are compatible with 802.11ac, n/g/b clients on both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz spectrums.

The CeilingAP indoor model supports 1167 Mbps total throughput and has excellent coverage with 27 dbm radio. The SuperAP models have the same 1167 Mbps performance, coverage and options for external and integrated MIMO antennas. Each model functions as an AP or bridge for meshing applications, with advanced security features and band steering to minimize channel congestion.

ValuePoint Networks positions you with the products that grow and scale for any type of venue.


CeilingAP High Density

Super AP High Coverage

Integrated Antenna Models

High performance ac/n indoor AP

SuperAP 670acn

SuperAP 670acn IA

SuperAP 670acn IA2