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Access Points FAQ

How does the KRACK vulnerability affect VP Networks access points?

What is the default IP address, username, and password?
670acn model: username = admin password = admin

CeilingAP 670acn MultiSSID model: username = root password = admin

Where can I download the latest firmware?


What are the best 2.4 GHz channels to use?

1, 6, & 11 are the best channels to use because they do not overlap.Or simply use AutoChannel on 570n model for best results.

Can all APs have the same SSID?

Yes, using the same SSID on all APs will allow users to roam and connect to the AP with the strongest signal.

What types of encryption are available?

All WEP and WPA2 options are available.

How do I setup WDS?

Hub AP: set Wireless Mode to Access Point (Auto WDS).This is the default mode.

Repeater APs: set Wireless Mode to Access Point Repeater and Scan to select the hub AP SSID. Select Rebroadcast SSID to allow Wi-Fi client to connect to repeater node.

What are the POE specs for the 570n?

18V – 48 V passive POE