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ValuePoint Networks' unique product design satisfies the requirements of many different and varied applications. We are the leader in the Hospitality market, due to our Gateway Controllers' ability to control user access, while providing a support-free branded User experience. Our APs have high transmit power and receive sensitivity to cover more rooms for less money.

In the industrial sector, our rugged Wi-Fi APs are being chosen because of their ability to operate reliably in the harshest of conditions, while still providing the strong signal and high receive sensitivity to communicate with laptops, hand-helds, VOIP phones, and other Wi-Fi client devices. Our APs are being used on oil rigs for data collection and in warehouses for RFID.

The list goes on. We focus on solving problems other vendors cannot, and our products continue to find their way into new markets. We credit our army of solution provider partners for creating new and exciting applications for our products every day. Choose your own application and see how ValuePoint Networks' products can help you.