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Gateway Controllers-NC-3560

High Performance for Large Networks

ValuePoint Networks' 3560 Gateway Controller provides high performance, authenticated, and seamless broadband connectivity to Public Access venues such as Hotels, Airports, Marinas, and Multi-tenant properties, The 3560 Controller will automatically adjust to almost any foreseeable subscriber configuration and adapt to support that subscriber automatically and transparently. Subscriber access can be authenticated via Local User Database, RADIUS Authentication, PMS, or VLAN. Web browsing, VPN, and Email are automatically configured and supported by the gateway as well. Up to 256 VLAN IDs are supported on the NC-3560 with static routes.

Every user session can be logged and the log saved on a remote or local server or drive. This allows your network to be compliant with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

The 3560 has a powerful IXP 425/533 MHz CPU supporting 65 Mbps of throughput. Dynamic Bandwidth Management with independent upload/download speeds as well as Session limiting prevents file sharers, PTP users and other network "hogs" from congesting or bringing down the network. Multiple NC-3560's can be stacked in a load sharing group. In addition multiple WAN ports can be shared with fail over.

NC-3560 product presentation

Hotel Brand Compliance


Gateway Controllers-NC-3560