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Customer Success Stories

Bittorrent blocking with the UTM-5000!

The Denlea Company uses NC-3610 to reduce support calls to zero!

Why Kharma Consulting loves the new NC-3610 gateway controller!

Nickelodeon Suites Resort uses NC-3600 to control 600+ on-line guests!

Intrepid Air and Space Museum Wi-Fi System

Soledad, CA School District Wi-Fi system

Last Mile Research uses NC-3560 and BA-4000 at award-winning hotel

Schools in California using Hammertech and ValuePoint Networks

Cocent uses NC-3560 gateway to stop file sharers at hotels

#1 Rated Hotel Properties using ValuePoint Networks and United Solution.

Quality Inn replaces 48 consumer APs with only 4 SuperAP 580G, and improves signal in all rooms.

Cottonwood Campground replaces Linksys 802.11n router with SuperAP 550g, improves range.

NC-3500 and SuperAPs light up Writer Square in Denver, Colorado

ValuePoint gear at Indiana Beach Amusement Resort

NC-3500 Gateway Controller meets Hotel Brand Standards

NetTek uses SuperMesh for Hotel Wi-Fi

NC-3500 Gateway Controller in Libraries

WC-3000 Gateway Controller in Bagel Shops

SuperAP™ used on Oil Rigs for Data Collection

ValuePoint Wi-Fi gear supports video surveillance on buses throughout the U.S.

ValuePoint supplying high power Wi-Fi to city of Bentonville, Arkansas

SpeediWiFi meshing Northern Nevada

WifiFee using ValuePoint gear for VOIP service.

hotZona lights up Arizona State Capitol Grounds

SiriCOMM selects ValuePoint for Wi-Fi Hotspots

ValuePoint equips MetroFi for Wholesale Broadband Access

ValuePoint lights up Telluride Bluegrass Festival

Solar powered SuperAPs in the South Pacific

ValuePoint and Thinwires light up Hotels and Apartments

SuperAPs go farther outdoors at RV Parks

WISPs go farther with ValuePoint Networks

ValuePoint lights up Pacifica Host Hotels