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How the UTM-5000 fully protects your network and stops BitTorrents

The UTM-5000 is a unified threat management system that actively scans and blocks any network threats, as well as providing detailed and auditable security logs of all network traffic. In contrast, the Gateway Controller 3610 is an authentication gateway, so its features are oriented toward user control and accessibility. The 3610 includes many great features to mitigate the impact of security problems on user access, but it does not have the power of a dedicated UTM system like the UTM-5000.

Active BitTorrent Blocking: The UTM-5000 uses deep packet inspection to actively detect and block file sharing, along with lots of other types of unwanted traffic. On the 3610 you can mitigate file sharing by slowing it down, or passively block ports that might be used for file sharing. However, 3610 does not aggressively look into the contents of the packets themselves like the UTM-5000 does.

Reduce Downtime from DoS or other intrusions: Any WAN device is vulnerable to hacking or denial of service from the Internet. Plenty of bad actors actively scan for devices to attack all day long. Even if unsuccessful, these attacks can slow down or stop the network, or trigger unwanted reboots. The UTM-5000 has a robust intrusion detection system that is kept up to date on all current threats to network devices. The 3610 is resistant to known hacks and denial of services, but it does not have ongoing subscription to threat profiles or the power to scan the contents of all incoming traffic for threats.

Reduce ISP notifications: Active file sharing blocking will reduce copyright holder complaints about movies that get passed on by the ISP. In addition, ISPs are sensitive to outgoing security problems like botnets, keyloggers, virus propagation, and corrupted DNS requests. The UTM-5000 intrusion prevention system works both ways, incoming and outgoing, so the subscription profiles cover the current known botnets and other problems to actively block them. The UTM-5000 virus detection system prevents incoming and outgoing viruses, as well as infected web pages. ISP violation resports are upsetting to site owners, and some ISPs threaten disconnection if there are too many.

Provide detailed usage reports to site owners: The 3610 provides detailed data usage reports for users, but site owners may want more. The UTM-5000 also provides logs what websites were visited or port usage by specific applications like skype or movie streaming.

Enforce site usage policies: Some public networks may have usage restrictions like libraries, government, or corporate guest access. The 3610 can provide hours of use restrictions and block certain destinations. In contrast, the UTM-5000 has a fully functional web proxy system that can provide content filtering and logging for complete control of malware, pornography, piracy, or other unwanted content or sites. Profiles of each category are subscription based, so they are always up to date as these sites more around to avoid other blocking solutions.

More network management and troubleshooting tools: The 3610 provides pretty good status reports and syslog to assess the state of the network. The UTM-5000 includes full netflow and logging of all traffic, as well as an extensive suite of network commands like traceroute, TCP dump, ping, and many more.