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Industrial Applications


From warehousing to trucking to oil rigs, ValuePoint's Rugged APs and Mesh gear are used for the toughest jobs where other products simply don't measure up. Applications include RFID, Data Collection, surveillance, mobile video upload, and more.

Our SuperAPs are the only vibration-certified AP on the market. This is important when mounting in any moving vehicle, and on or near heavy industrial equipment such as diesel engines. The APs have been used frequently in Class I, Division I environments such as oil rigs. Increasingly our products are being used in public safety vehicles, and have been deployed in New York City's transit bus system. The high power and throughput of our products make them an excellent choice for real time video transfer.

Our NEMA4 rated products withstand the harshest conditions, moisture, temperature ranges, dust, while still providing the power and features you need. All at an affordable price.