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Products-VP Networks

VP Networks (ValuePoint Networks) products are made for hospitality, MTU/MDU, visitor based networks, small/medium enterprise, and industrial networks. Mobile devices are proliferating on guest networks, and users expect to get on easily, need more bandwidth than ever before, and you need a seamless and easy-to-use system that runs itself with very little maintenance. Yet at a cost effective price. VP Networks meets this challenge with products tailored for guest networks.

  • Our Latest NC-3620 gateway has become the leading choice for the hospitality and related markets. with advanced features such as dynamic bandwidth management, advanced BitTorrent control, session limiting, and rich user reporting, your network runs efficiently and support-free. For very large properties, multiple NC-3620's can be stacked to increase the overall number of concurrent users to 2000 or more, and bandwidth can be shared over mulitiple WAN ports.
  • Unified Threat Management appliance stops bittorrent, secures your network from incoming threats, and combines multiple ISPs into one pipe.
  • Our high power and high receive sensitivity dual ac/n Wi-Fi access points cover more for less. Available in indoor and outdoor packaging, with AP controller based or stand-alone operation. Superior radio sensitivity is optimized for mobile devices and roaming support.
Choose ValuePoint Networks. We reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize your Return on Investment (ROI).