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Report Portal

VP Networks' cloud based Report Portal is an add-on service for any NC-3610, 3600, or 3560 gateway. The Report Portal gives you a comprehensive view of all usage at a site, or at all your sites, including logged in users, number of users, IP address, MAC address, bandwidth usage up and down, and more.

You can view any user’s entire connections log of sessions and destination websites visited. The report is available daily, weekly, and monthly for an unlimited time. You can create user accounts with limited access to specific sites, for example to give to your customers. In addition any report can be exported to .csv format to allow for further analysis, or for merging into other applications to show trends, bar graphs, etc.

Here are the Top Ten uses of the Report Portal according to a survey of our customers:

  • Identify Wi-Fi usage trends-compare to last month, last year
  • Use it for post-paid billing
  • Collect e-mail addresses upon login, store in Report Portal
  • SAVE MONEY over expensive Radius-based reporting systems
  • Perform security audits and help with troubleshooting
  • Identify network abusers and heavy users
  • Track file sharers and respond to ISP warnings
  • Identify daily or seasonal patterns of network usage
  • Provide an easy to use interface to your end users
  • View all of your sites in one web based portal!