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UTM-5000 Hospitality version

UTM-5000 Hospitality version is a special subset license version of the complete UTM-5000 at a lower cost. It has all the features of the UTM-5000 that are needed for hospitality such as maximum bittorrent blocking, intrusion detection and intrusion prevention to block over 2500 known network attacks, exploits, and Denial of Service techniques. It is used between the Internet gateway and the Internet and does deep packet inspection on all outgoing traffic for bittorrent and blocks encrypted and unencrypted bittorrent/file sharing traffic on any port including port 80.

Complete logging and monitoring track connected clients for 90 days using local logs to provides Bandwidth and Browsing Activity tracking. Realtime network traffic can be traced by packet trace and realtime NetFlow monitoring.

UTM-5000 stops ALL bittorrent traffic at hotels!


Unified Threat Management(UTM)