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ValuePoint Networks :: Gateway Controllers :: Gateway Controller NC-3620 Base System 10-pack

Gateway Controller NC-3620 Base System 10-pack

Gateway Controller NC-3620 Base System 10-pack 
ValuePoint Networks' NC-3620 Gateway Controller provides high performance, authenticated, and seamless broadband connectivity to guest networks such as Hotels, Airports, Marinas, and Multi-tenant properties, The 3620 Gateway will automatically adjust to almost any foreseeable subscriber configuration and adapt to support that subscriber automatically and transparently. Subscriber access can be authenticated via Local User Database, PMS, or RADIUS Authentication. Web browsing, VPN, and Email are automatically configured and supported by the gateway as well.

The NC-3620 has a powerful CPU comfortably supporting 1000+ concurrent user devices and Gigabit data rate. Dynamic Bandwidth Management with independent upload/download speeds as well as Session limiting prevents file sharers, PTP users and other network "hogs" from congesting or bringing down the network.

The NC-3620 Base System has a 50 concurrent user license, upgradeable any time by ordering user license packs for the unit. 100,200,500, and Unlimited concurrent user packs are available.

SKU NC-3620 Base System 10-pack
Weight 30.00 lbs