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ValuePoint Networks :: Unified Threat Management :: UTM-5000 30 user 3 year

UTM-5000 30 user 3 year

UTM-5000 30 user 3 year 
UTM-5000 combines 3 line Load balancing and Failover with cutting edge Unified Threat Management (UTM). Unlike ordinary firewalls that can only block traffic based on limited control of ports and IPs, the application firewall of UTM-5000 is designed to counter the latest security threats to office and shared networks. It also provides enterprise class routing, quality of service and high availability for a true all-in-one network solution. UTM-5000 is perfect for shared and guest networks where the group policy manager can secure inside and outside threats and apply different rules for anonymous guest and back office staff.

The UTM-5000 advanced features includes deep packet inspection to control file sharing and port seeking applications. Transparent HTTP and HTTPS Proxy can detect inappropriate web usage and cannot be avoided using encryption or anonymous browsers like TOR. Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention block over 2500 known network attacks, exploits, and Denial of Service techniques.

Complete logging and monitoring track connected clients for 90 days using local logs to provides Bandwidth and Browsing Activity tracking. Realtime network traffic can be traced by packet trace and realtime NetFlow monitoring.

SKU UTM-5000 30 user 3 year
Weight 13.00 lbs


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